Jens Nerbring

IKO Instructor / Examiner Sweden

Kitelife is proud to have Sweden’s only IKO certified kitesurfing examiner Jens Nerbring to run the ITC course.

Jens is successfully running an IKO kiteschool in Thailand Pranburi where he is the head coach and owner. Furthermore, he is appreciated by the instructors on the ITC for his easy going and pedagogical teaching style. As a result, he has certified many IKO instructors now working all over the world.

– I decided to become an Examiner because of my passion to teach to others the exhilarating art of kitesurfing! Furthermore, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. As a result of February 2015 I have trained and certified around 250 kitesurfing instructors. To summarize, I hope in ten years that number will be 2,500! Therefore, having been living in Thailand for the last ten years I always enjoy returning home to Scandinavia and run a couple of courses there.

IKO and Kitelife have built a strong relationship over the last years and we have had very successful courses at Habo Ljung. The spot at Habo Ljung is really world class. Shallow, flat water with a dedicated teaching area and consistent wind let’s us enjoy the best of kiting. Our professional classroom where we spend time studying kite-theory, lesson plans, teaching psychology and much more is located at the nearby golf club. They offer a great lunch and tasty coffee!

As a kitesurfing instructor there are plenty of work available all around the world. I don’t know any other profession where you can basically travel to any kitesurfing location and by tomorrow morning have a job to go to. It must be the best way to travel and explore our planet! Kitesurfing instructor work on a commission base most places around the globe.

Certain countries (Australia for example) pay a higher hourly salary, but at the same time you have higher cost of living. I guess the average salary for a kitesurfing instructor working in Asia is around 30 euro an hour. In western countries this number will be higher. I would highly recommend any person to travel and teach kitesurfing before settling down.

Jens Nerbring

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Karol Machata

IKO Instructor International

The certified IKO instructor Karol Machata was joining an Instructor Training Course with Kitelife the summer of 2013. For this reason, he has been working for the IKO kitesurfing school Kitelife for two seasons. As a result, he passed the course with the highest recommendations from the examiner.

Interview with Karol Machata

For what reason have you educated yourself to become a kitesurfing instructor? - The opportunity to work during the summer months with my favorite sport. Also, it’s a great job and fantastic to be outdoors and meet people. Finally, a major advantage is the opportunity to work abroad on IKO certified kite schools around the world.

What is the fascination with the profession as a kitesurfing instructor? - It is a free, varied and independent work, grateful to find work with my own hobby. Furthermore, participants who want to learn the sport is committed and motivated. As a result, I have a lot of time to kitesurf myself.

What do you think about ITC-course? - The examiner Jens Nerbring is very calm, methodical and delivers high quality with each participant. In fact, it was fun to meet other participants from different countries on the course. As well, I think that First Aid training was good, it made me feel safer if something happens unexpectedly during a course.

What are your thoughts about the theoretical part in the ITC course? - It’s pretty much theory, I did not have the knowledge before, very logically, good to have knowledge when I educate my participants. As a result, I feel more confident as an instructor with the knowledge from the theoretical part. In addition to this, I get a lot of trust and respect from the participants as an instructor which increase my self-confidence. Has the instructor course made you to a better instructor? ITC course has been very good, it’s a well-planned course with high quality. The most important thing I bring with me from the course is the safety area, to feel safe about what should be done in a critical situation. Without instructor course I think I would make many mistakes which can lead to reduced safety for the participants.

How many students have you trained? - I train from 50-90 participants per season. Furthermore, I think it is important that all participants’ is satisfied with the course. Finally, I want to make all participants feel safe and secure. Each step of the course will lead to the next should feel easy.

What do participants think about you as an instructor? - I am calm and making the participants to feel secure. As a result, to make the course a success I am very ambitious to carry it out with a high security.

What do you think about the place of education Habo Ljung Kite Beach? - It is a great spot with ideal conditions for the sport. As a matter of fact, It’s shallow, flat water and constant winds blowing. All kitesurfers fit and show great respect towards each other. As a result, it’s a perfect place to run the ITC course on.

What are the opportunities for newly educated IKO-instructor? - There are great opportunities to work as an instructor around the world. To tell you the truth, there are kitesurfing centers in need for educated IKO instructors. With this in mind it’s great to be able to go away a few months a year and work as a kite instructor. Alternatively a great opportunity to start your own business and run your own kite surfing school.

Yassine Boucheta

Organiser Sweden / Marocco

Kitelife is one of the few centers in Sweden that offers ITC courses.

Yassine is your dedicated organiser of the IKO AITC & ITC Level 1 courses in Skanör, south Sweden. He is the co-founder of and owner of 2018 crowned him the SM-championship (Svenska Mästerskapen) in freestyle riding. Yassine is an excellent instructor and coach and the venues of Skanör /Falsterbo offers a truly geniuine and unique spot to teach from and also to ride and experience.

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